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About SGLearners.

An inclusive community for curious thinkers.

Be part of the SGLearners educational group at WhyLearn and uncover fascinating information about different aspects of life. With technology at your fingertips, it has become second-nature for many to gather information online. As such, we believe that the online world is the ideal medium for you to learn in this day and age.

Why become an SGLearner?

Be empowered to learn effectively.

Utilise the learning tools that WhyLearn has to offer and immerse yourself in an engaging experience with other members in the virtual community. SGLearners can join online classes, write articles and receive points to claim attractive rewards.

Diverse range of online classes to choose from

Enroll in eLearning programmes that feature academic-related and enrichment workshops, such as PSLE English and Story Writing classes.

Share your views by writing articles

Publish articles in our SGLearners column in response to various matters such as news-related events or even notable topics for open discussions.

Get rewarded for your contributions

From simple actions like posting comments to purposeful activities like completing an online learning programme, you will get points to win prizes.

How to become an SGLearner?

Follow these instructions to start right away.

We have three simple steps to show how you can become an effective and independent learner. Take your first step to explore this fascinating virtual community.

1. Fill in basic information

We would like to know more about you before commencing this exciting online learning journey together.

2. Participate actively

Be involved in various activities, such as real-time video discussions, write articles and post comments to express your views meaningfully.

3. Claim your rewards

By taking part in different educational activities as a SGLearner, you will receive points that can be used to redeem attractive prizes.

The future of learning is here

Join SGLearners to realise your true potential.