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We have three reasons to convince you why this is the perfect platform to be informed, educated and inspired. Join our ever-growing community and be amazed by what you can do along the way.

Watch and Learn

Immerse yourself in an enriching learning environment and gain valuable insights from diverse virtual classes.

Explore and Grow

We offer a variety of programmes to keep you engaged, ranging from academic class to recreational workshops.

Play and Relax

Take a break and wind down by browsing some of our entertaining videos that bring the element of fun into your life.

Learning Studio

Empowering tech-savvy learners

Learning Studio features exclusive academic and enrichment programmes for primary, secondary and JC students. With a plethora of learning tools at your disposal, you can study, organise and practise productively.

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Take a look at some of our finest educational videos to understand certain concepts covered in the subjects that you have learnt at school.

Keep your learning well-structured by using our accessible and secure archive, which features study notes, powerpoint slides and marked practices.

Put your knowledge to the test by trying out multiple choice and structured questions to be prepared for your examinations.

Play Studio

A light-hearted way to learn.

Play Studio showcases recreational activities and programmes that are ideal for moments when you are looking for ways to pass time. Let your inquisitive mind wander as you explore this astonishing facet of WhyLearn.

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We host entertaining performances put up by our featured artists. In fact, if you share the passion to present something, we invite you to do the same!


Looking for something to watch? Here’s some delightful videos that are likely to keep you intrigued for hours.


Take a look at these visually-attractive images that display the captivating side of life, such as the work completed by budding artists.

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Find out how you can be rewarded when you participate in WhyLearn.


The WhyLearn Points System

An exciting way to learn.

By signing up as a WhyLearn member, you can accumulate WhyLearn Points to claim rewards. The more you get involved in this community, the easier it is for you to gain points. Here are some of the attractive prizes that you can stand a chance to get!

KFC Signature Box x 1 set

Coke Can x 1 set

Adidas Bag x 1 set

The Writing Space

A moment to read and reflect.

The Writing Space is a dedicated column for you to browse diverse genres. These articles are published by other members to showcase their thoughts and views on what they have learnt so far. We invite you to do the same.

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Let your creative juices flow.

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